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Urgent Message…

From Nathan Crane:

Dear Friend,

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition… (whether it be cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, pain or fatigue, etc…) And you’ve tried everything from conventional medicine, doctors, herbs, and more – with little to no results.

But, you’re still looking for a REAL solution to help you get your life back….

Then, this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read… (and here’s why)

I recently did a documentary on Dr. Cynthia, who went from a high energy doctor to…

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition… bed ridden… and nearly losing her life

Before her life flipped upside down, she had a great career as a doctor (practicing internal medicine), and a wonderful family…

In essence, life was turning out great… UNTIL

She was diagnosed with the chronic debilitating conditions: chronic fatigue and dysautonomia.

Afterwards, she started to feel exhausted and in pain… her focus and cognition was deteriorating…

And to make things worse-

Her Doctors Had No Idea What Was Going On.

She took the pills, the diets, the herbs, and was being the best patient one could be…

And if things couldn’t get ANY worse, she ended up being bed-ridden and housebound for 2 years!

For this reason, she couldn’t run her practice… do the things she once did… travel with her family and friends…

And her children were deprived of the thought of their mother “in good health”.

During that time, she was forced to discover the fundamentals of healing…

Which is how she discovered an ancient form of healing called: Energy Medicine.

Now, because she was so fatigued, she couldn’t even get out of bed, so she practiced the subtle energy healing just by visualizing the movements and practices in bed…

Within weeks, she started to get more energy, and was able to get out of bed!

Her fatigue started to fade away… her cognition was coming back… and she had hope for the first time in years!

In just a few short months, she started doing full body Energy Medicine exercises and…

Her Health Was Restored!

She can travel the world again… play with her children… have a career… In short, her life was back!

This is only one of the many stories I’ve been shocked by in the last decade of studying Energy Medicine.

In fact, I’ve seen energy medicine heal all kinds of chronic conditions, including:

– Parkinson’s Disease
– Chronic back pain
– Autoimmune disease
– Chronic fatigue
– And even cancer!

It originally began in China 1000’s of years ago…

There were 100’s of people in the streets of China practicing Energy Medicine every day.

And to make things better, there was a doctor by the name of Dr. Pang Ming, who would treat every disease in the world with an ancient form of Energy Medicine.

Until, the Communist Chinese government saw that people were gaining power from healing themselves and were gathering in large (albeit peaceful) groups.

Therefore, they unrolled regulations on practicing Energy Medicine in large groups.
Which covered up the art, right at one of its birthplaces.

And that’s why I had to learn Energy Medicine from Masters right here in the US, Because-

If it’s rare at its birthplace…

It’s still very new to the West.

This ancient trusted form of medicine is showing exciting breakthroughs in the scientific community

And ever since learning and experiencing the life changing effects of Energy Medicine…

I’ve been on a mission to bring it to this side of the hemisphere.

Because having a chronic condition is too much to bear:

Maybe you feel this way:

– You’re always waking up in pain.

– It’s difficult to play with your grandchildren because you’re tired.

– You no longer feel “energetic” like you used to… and disease and death feels imminent.

– All the money you’ve saved for retirement is going towards supplements, protocols, or treatments (which don’t seem to move the needle).

– Your brain feels “foggy” and you can’t think clearly.

And worse!

And that’s why I’m going to reveal to you EXACTLY how Energy Medicine works:

So, you can fix your condition!

First, you need to understand: Everything is energy down to the most microscopic cellular level…
These tiny energetic vibrational cells make up everything (including your physical body and everything around you).

This is originally called the “aether” – these tiny bits of vibration are all connected at the smallest level, in particle physics, they are measured by something called Planck Spherical Units…

Named after Nobel Prize-winning physicist Max Planck, who determined this smallest measurable unit of “energy”.

Furthermore, These energetic particles vibrate and create a polarity of magnetism and energetic charge. Then, that charge causes the bits of vibration to spin - and that spin brings matter into existence.

You can see this here:
the universe spinning (galaxies, solar systems, our planet, etc)-

Even clouds, atoms, our own blood, we can see swirls in our fingerprints, spinning hurricanes, spinning tornados, and more!

In fact, Einstein’s equation E=mc2 is all based on: “energy needs to move”.

We've found that the cause of ALL chronic conditions is exactly that…

the energy has stopped moving in one area of your body (energy blockage)…

And that’s why Energy Medicine is so effective in fixing chronic conditions-

Because it breaks the energy blockage and gets your energy to move again…

Finally, if you think Energy Medicine is incredible, I have something even better…

I recently discovered Lauren Walker who’s also been directly trained by world renowned energy medicine master teacher Donna Eden.

And what Lauren has done is-

Combined yoga with Energy Medicine because she wasn’t getting the results she wanted emotionally and physically from yoga, even though yoga has tremendous benefit to the mind and body – and after she combined the two together, she not only saw an instantaneous and massive difference in her own life…

…but in the lives of those she began teaching it to. And even better, it’s more accessible to people of all ages and ability than yoga because it can be more subtle and gentle when needed.

And ever since making the discovery, she’s been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, and more…

She’s even published 3 books about Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine Yoga.

But most importantly, she’s helped 100’s of people around the world, heal their chronic condition with Energy Medicine:

Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) Has Been Essential in Helping Thousands of People Get to the Root Cause of Their Chronic Diseases

"I found EMYoga during a period when I was recovering from Lyme disease. I attribute EMYoga with helping regain my mental focus, my physical energy as well as my hope that I would not have to be satisfied with new normal, a life and body affected with a disease, but that I would create a new normal of increased vitality, increased mental focus and a sense of being more fully present and aware."

“EMYoga has been such a gift to my own practice and to my community. Personally, I feel like it has helped me heal through breast cancer. And I love having this practice to share with others during my retreats and other workshops I offer. What I love about it most is that it teaches people how to be with themselves in a new way, empowering them to affect their energy systems to support their own alignment.”

“EMYoga helped me take back my power and transform my health. Both energetically and physically I feel better when doing the practices. I can't imagine my life without it!“

"I just completed a 4-day training with Lauren and I am blown away. I have over 30 years experience in the Wellness field and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health--the #1 ranked school in the world for Public Health. Lauren's class is one of the BEST classes that I have ever attended. She is honest, authentic and so very knowledgeable about Energy Medicine Yoga. She walks her walk and talks her talk. If you are even thinking about taking one of her trainings--DO IT! The fact that you are reading my feedback are the angels above nudging you forward to a MAGICAL training session. Lauren teaches from the heart and teachers like that can change the world."

And that’s why Lauren and I will be partnering to bring you:

Online Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) Classes From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Through my company: Healing Life, you get to benefit from the healing potential that EMYoga has to offer.

Right now, live classes happen 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) – starting at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern, available to attend online anywhere in the world.

After each class, you’ll get recordings of the session to rewatch again and again.

As membership grows, we’ll be adding daily classes with varying abilities, intensities and themes – so we’ll have a class for you no matter your skill level, desire and interest.

In addition, you’ll be able to connect with other members (just like you) before and after classes – who’d LOVE to support you!

Plus, if that’s not exciting enough, as a Healing Life member, you get access to:
live Q&As with TOP Doctors who answer your most pressing health related questions (these happen every 2 weeks).

On top of that – would you like to know what the top integrative and holistic doctors and experts around the world are doing right now to help prevent and heal chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease and more?

When you join Healing Life, you will get access to the Digital Health Library containing over 350 hours of empowering interviews, masterclasses, documentaries and more on how to live your healthiest, most vibrant life…

Including everything from diet and nutrition, to fasting and detox. From meditation and Qigong, to recipes, exercise, natural healing and more!

Here’s Everything You Get When You Register Today!


Look, I know that sounds like a lot… and honestly… I would love to give all of this to you for Free.

But, in order for me to provide you with platforms to access the classes, recordings, Q&As with world leading doctors – and access to TOP health information to maximize your results…

We have to charge monthly for this. But here’s the thing…

The good news is that you’re not going to pay $3,625. In fact, I really pushed to make this as affordable as possible for you.

That’s why-

You Can Register Today For Your Free Trial

(Then it’s Only $29/month if you decide to continue)

(Or pay for the entire year: $197)

Furthermore, if you register in the next 24 hours, I’ll also give you:

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After that, you’ll receive an email with details on how to access the content and classes.
So go ahead and click the button and I’ll see you inside Healing Life!

Yours Truly,

Nathan Crane, Founder
Healing Life, LLC

Real Stories from EMYoga Students

“Energy Medicine Yoga has changed my life. I seem to be running on adrenal reserve and I jump at loud noises and felt stressed out a lot! When I do EMYoga, I immediately start to yawn, which I know means I am releasing stress and shifting energy within my body, that I believe will heal any trauma I have experienced in the past or now. I feel so balance and relaxed after a session and the best part, its easy to do!!! May all of us heal and become whole”

“EMYoga works! Life has given me the experience of MVAs (motor vehicle accidents). Through both MVAs, EMYoga has helped to decrease my overall recovery time immensely. I was able to help stabilize my nervous system, move beyond any sort of fears associated with driving, and keep my body and immune system strong with little or no use of painkillers or prescribed muscle relaxants. What Lauren has created is a gift for us all.”

“After completing my 500-hour RYT certification, I was searching for a new focus to continue my studies in yoga. On day one of training with Lauren, I was spellbound and knew I had found my “home”. The intelligence of the movements incorporated into a yoga practice make it even more beautiful and magical. The knowledge has strengthened the commitment to my daily self-care routine as it has been healing and empowering to understand the importance of caring for the body's energy systems.”

“EMYoga has helped significantly with healing injuries and pain relief as well as balancing my hormones. EMYoga imparts a feeling of complete balance and wellbeing after a practice.”

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Thank you for the life transforming information. Taking responsibility for our minds can indeed change our bodies and lives. Cancer is not an enemy but an opportunity for a great transformation. Thank you Healing Life


Beautiful and touching information and tools to help us learn how to live a more healthy fashion and heal when we need to.


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A Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked – Use the Entire Site for 60 days, and if you still want a refund, just email us and we’ll refund your full amount, no questions asked.

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